F*CK alcohol - and gratify your tastebuds

It’s complicated. To start a brand of wine, non-alcoholic mind you, while your entire social circle knows you enjoy your drink in its time. Doesn’t that seem a bit two-faced? This question I have answered often in the past months, turning raised eyebrows about the non-alcoholic-but-very-tasty story into satisfied smiles after a proper tasting. An unpleasant conversation? Not at all, it sparks many new ideas.

VINADA turns the enjoyment of non-alcoholic wine into a cool and conscious experience. The idea was born out of the desire to offer a good alternative. A glass of wine for everyone. A (healthier) option that guarantees flavour, quality and experience. No unnecessary complicated terminology, just good wine. When there is an alternative, you can make a choice.

A choice, VINADA thinks, you make ‘for whatever reason’.

If I got a Euro for every raised eyebrow...

Isn't it absurd that in the year 2018 there was still no delicious alcoholfree wine? I have often asked about alcohol-free wine at trade fairs. They would look at me with withering disdain. As though I’d committed some terrible mistake. ‘'Wine without alcohol just wasn't wine. No more than grape juice. It doesn’t exist, it couldn’t, and it was never going to happen.” Times are changing and hence the needs. I thought: if I don't do it, someone else will. It’s about time for a fresh breeze through the traditional wine world... time for VINADA!

So, when do you go looking for non-alcoholic wine? Okay, I admit it - it started out of self-interest. At times when you really fancy a glass of wine, it seemed that alcohol was out of the question in my case, for medical reasons. Wanting to do everything at once: career, private life and studying. You've set yourself a goal, and you go for it, nothing less! In addition, a busy social life and still a sports fanatic. I thought I could easily combine everything... until I hit a wall: I had two epileptic seizures. Was alcohol the cause? No. But it was a wake-up call. Doctor's advice: take things easy, six months not driving a car and three months without alcohol. The first time was in the middle of my student days. I went everywhere on a bike. But during parties... what to do? Exactly - looking for alternatives… it was the year 2008: ‘Mission impossible'. The second time, I looked for the alternatives available in 2015: more choice - but no, unfortunately stil no good alcoholfree wine. I had a choice. Would I give up something, or would I try to find out if that alternative was even possible? And if so, I’ll try to turn this into a delicious alcoholfree wine. I Choose the last! My goal? To launch the MOST DELICIOUS, nicest and craziest alcohol-free wine brand! To conquer the non-alcoholic wine market! To expand the range - only if I (and my test panel) think it tasty enough, in a sober and honest way. At the same time, I hope to do my bit to contribute to social awareness about alcohol. Without becoming a ‘hater’ of course. Dream big and make it happen!

If we’re not satisfied with the taste - we won’t introduce it

Take it into action: Research done, discussions held and visits paid. Eventually I found my partners. Together we created VINADA's first non-alcoholic wine from passion and pure craftsmanship. The Sparkling Rosé is created after many selections, tastings and adjustments. Because of success we have been able to add our second variety ‘The Sparkling Gold’ to our assortment five months later. Why no other flavours? If we're not satisfied with the taste - we won't introduce it. To be continued...

So, who decides that a wine is good enough to launch? Our test panel - comprising: friends who like to drink wine, wine experts, strangers and, of course, ourselves. Their enthusiasm + ours = a new variety. We have often been asked if we want to compete with the existing wine-market. We see our wine as a complement to the range. Wine is wine, that's for sure! With or without alcohol is a conscious choice. Say for yourself whether it's just as flavoursome! So why would you want a hangover?

Wine is healthier when it's non-alcoholic (sorry) 💪