Good wine brings much joy. Flavourful wine, with style and class. A wine you can and should be able to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Whether you need to drive your car or have a gym appointment in the evening. Be it over lunch with a client or whilst you are pregnant. In other words, for anybody who for whatever reason says: no alcohol

The experience, not the alcohol. So what has changed...?

April 2019:

VINADA SParkling Rose 750 ml!

more information soon

more information soon


we won!

The alcohol-free wine test on Dutch national television



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here we come!

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VINADA available internationally!

+ England
+ Belgium
+ Italy
+ Spain
+ Portugal
+ Germany
+ Austria
+ Switzerland
+ Luxembourg

+ our first point of sale in NEW YORK!
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Where else is VINADA available?


After months of development we can proudly present our sparkling gold to the world….read more


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Rosé all day? - all year round!

And so it is! If we say: rosé.. What are your first thoughts? Chances are that summer, sun, spring, terrace and nice temperatures are part of your answer. Wrong? No, it's not! But for the sake of completeness add autumn, fireplace, winter, stew, meat and fish.

Four reasons to drink rosé all year round:
+ Rosés pair very well with meat, fish AND vegan
+ Rosé offers a diverse and innovative range
+ Sparkling rosé: worthy of the most beautiful and festive tables
+ For whatever reason! Because you love it!

Tip: Try rosé with a winter stew and let yourself be surprised!


Compared to a glass of alcoholic wine!



Realising a dream

F*CK ALCOHOL - and gratify your tastebuds!

Because YOU choose, WHATEVER the REASON

VINADA drink & drive sundown

Hello Piccolo!

Our wines are available in piccolo format (200 ml) or 1.5 glass.

An accessible size! So, can you toast and enjoy your wine without letting a whole bottle ‘bubble’ away.

If it’s just as delicious, I won’t need alcohol
summer evening.png

VINADA's Sparkling Rosé is carefully produced in exactly the same way as 'ordinary wine'.

The difference? This wine is dealcoholised just before bottling.

So where is vinada available? 

VINADA is now on the drinks menu at selected restaurants and gaining popularity every day. For the most up-to-date offer near you, check out this map.

Tips or request addresses? Let us know / reach out/ and we'll get right on it. 
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about the wines and the proces?



What do you know about 0% alcohol?

The 0% FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions.