We know, it sounds like madness. Rosé? In autumn?

The flavour profile of rosé makes it a perfect pairing to winter comfort food. “Rosé has the fruitiness of a white combined with the structure of a red.” Meat, fish or vegan? The subtile red berry flavours won’t overwhelm but making it the perfect pairing.

Add some bubbles and you're good to go for a wonderfull aperitif.



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Big bottles for big moments

There she is!

VINADA Sparkling Rosé 750 ml!

After the successful launch of the piccolo in 2018, we can now proudly present her BIG SISTER! 386 days later to be precise. The (long) waiting is rewarded! The Sparkling Rosé 750 ml is available*.


*please contact your nearest point of sale for the current stock.



vinada sparkling rosé 200 ml

vinada sparkling rosé 200 ml

vinada sparkling rosé 750 ml

vinada sparkling rosé 750 ml

vinada sparkling gold 200 ml

vinada sparkling gold 200 ml


Good wine brings much joy. Flavourful wine, with style and class. A wine you can and should be able to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Whether you need to drive your car or have a gym appointment in the evening. Be it over lunch with a client or whilst you are pregnant. In other words, for anybody who for whatever reason says: no alcohol

The experience, not the alcohol. So what has changed...?

wine test

VINADA: Gold and…. gold!

VINADA sparkling gold has won the test!

*article in dutch.

VINADA sparkling rosé has won the alcohol-free wine test on Dutch national television (RTL).


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+ England
+ Belgium
+ Italy
+ Spain
+ Portugal
+ Germany
+ Austria
+ Switzerland
+ Luxembourg
+ France
+ Sweden
+ U.S.A
+ our first point of sale in NEW YORK! More about this adventure

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Compared to a glass of alcoholic wine!



Realising a dream

F*CK ALCOHOL - and gratify your tastebuds!

Because YOU choose, WHATEVER the REASON

If it’s just as delicious, I won’t need alcohol
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VINADA's Sparkling Rosé is carefully produced in exactly the same way as 'ordinary wine'.

The difference? This wine is dealcoholised just before bottling.



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What do you know about 0% alcohol?

The 0% FAQ page provides answers to frequently asked questions.