There’s always a time for a sip of wine…

Cosily sitting in the sunshine on a little terrace, at the fireplace, during a day at the beach, on the couch after a long day, having drinks with friends! The experience, but not the alcohol.

So there it is…. FINALLY! A DELICIOUS non-alcoholic wine. A conscious - and with only 23 kal per 100 ml - also a responsible choice.

The Rosé has its origin in the Spanish wine growing region La Mancha and is made from the Tempranillo grape.

This sparkling wine tastes great, as the bubbles titillate and refresh your senses.

''Se me hace agua la boca'' as the Spaniards would say.

rosé glass and bottle.png


''Why won’t you drink?'' 

(Are you pregnant? Still have to drive? Do you want to go to the gym later on?) 



Drink VINADA 'for whatever reason'.